Daniel Vonk is a dedicated analogue photographer, using a Pentax 67.
While studying Photographic Design in Amsterdam he discovered his love for photography, at this time going digital all the way...
After traveling the world for a couple of years, Central Africa and many other countries he started working as a nurse.
Something totally different, he missed to capture those moment he feels close to..
Digital again? No way! 

After playing around with some 35 mm film camera's he found out about the real stuff...
Medium format camera's, he bought a secondhand Pentax 67 along the way.
Using a wide variety of analogue films he's able to show his eye for detail, passion for photography and his believe that film photography is far from distinct.....#filmisnotdead   
This website contains some of his personal work and projects he's currently working on, enjoy it!
Feel free to contact him by social media or down below for any questions or advice.
If you would like to get in touch to let him capture some images for you, don't hesitate!
Custom artwork is available, anytime, any place!

Remember, give film a shot!

Thank You We'll get in touch with you!
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